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Sleep and recharge in the world of Mörwald

For discerning guests, “Villa Katharina”, Grafenegg Hotel, and the Grafenegg Cottages offer divine accommodations. However, that is not all: The Relais & Châteaux Hotel am Wagram provides luxurious lodgings. From an expansive 180-square-metre penthouse suite to superior double rooms, each room is named for Wagram’s wine-producing municipalities and is equipped with the highest quality amenities. The use of the hotel’s spa area with steam bath and sauna is naturally included in the stay for hotel guests.



explore the Wagram

explore the Wagram

They way you explore is up to you

While the Wagram region is celebrated for its exceptional wines, there is an abundance of jewels to discover. Whether it is the stunning landscape adorned with magnificent loess formations, the unique wine cellar lanes, the diverse birdlife, or the rich cultural and sports offers – all yours to explore, discover, and savour.

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E-Bike Tours

Experience the Wagram from the perfect perspective. While we only partially agree with the claim that you’ve only truly experienced a place by walking it, an e-bike offers a leisurely alternative. Enjoy the uphill ride as much as the thrilling downhill journey. From leisurely to athletic, you choose the gear and delight in the landscape, views, flora, and fragrances all at your own pace.

  • 3 hours, per guest 45,00
  • 1 day, 60.00 per guest
  • 2 days, 100.00 per guest 


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wine cellar lanes

The wine cellar lanes, or Kellergassen, in Lower Austria represent a piece of cultural heritage that exists uniquely within our region. Experience the charm of these wine cellar lanes on a leisurely walk, either in Feuersbrunn or in Fels am Wagram, guided by our certified and local experts. Or immerse yourself in tradition and culture by touring the wine regions aboard a vintage tractor.

wine cellar lanes
Stupa im Morgenlicht Weingärten.jpg

the wagram stupa

The Wagram Stupa is the only large stupa outside of Asia, an extraordinary architectural structure nestled amidst the vineyards along the Wagram’s scenic ridge. Serving as a serene oasis, it invites visitors of all faiths to embrace tranquillity and to connect with nature. The construction of this monument to peace was headed by Sunim, a Buddhist monk and scholar from South Korea, who can often be found there.

Wagram Stupa
Toni Mörwald